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The Operating System for AI

Bridging Large Language Models and Applications

We are a team of experts committed to offering cost-effective solutions in generative AI infrastructure for text, image, video, 3D metaverse, and generative agents with advanced predictability and controllability.

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Visual AI OS
Foundational Model

Why we need an Operating System for AI

Low Cost, Predictability,

Multi-modal, Evaluation

Low Cost

  • Using GPT-4 to read a paper: $10

  • Using Runway ML to generate a 7.5-minute video: $95

We are experts in AI infrastructure. With our self-built data centers with cutting-edge GPUs, we provide cost-effective generative AI services by jointly optimizing models, data and the underlying hardware infrastructure.


  • Reduce hallucination

  • Sandboxing

  • System/user permission isolation (avoid prompt injection)

  • Factual checking

  • Reliably executing complicated tasks

  • Integrating with domain-specific knowledge base


Cost-effective pipelines to create text, image, video, 3D metaverse, and personalized generative agents with highly controllable details.

  • Text → Image/Video/3D model

  • Text + Image(s) → Image/Video/3D model

  • Text + Video → Video/3D model

  • Text/Image/Video → Personalized generative agents


Automatic high-throughput evaluation, assessment and selection of Large Language Models in open environment.

Enabling a market place of Large Language Models and a metaverse of generative agents.

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